About Bev

Jellooo I’m Bev, I’m a health care provider, I work in a hospital and nursing home. I also earn my degree in Bachelor of Science major in Management, I teach academic program to toddlers, children and young adults, I also teach  speech to foreign student. Barely Bev, barely me, I’m very transparent, reserved, loner most of the time. I’m true to myself, I’m very frank and straightforward. I speak my mind though I may sound defensive, offensive or pointy at times. I hate injustices, unfairness, prejudice and lies! I always hold on to the truth. I’m a very homey person, draggy sometimes. I simply enjoy listening to music, blogging. I value my family and my darling the most, they are the only priceless possession I have here in this world. I don’t turn away my back to my friends. Jeah I’m a jealous & possessive type of person, and my darling knows how possessive and jealy I am. I’m very sensitive & frail. I get easily affected. I got my strength from God, my family and my darling.Talking about things that pisses me off FLIRTY, SLUTTY,CHEAPIE, BS, WHORE GIRLSSS they really sucks eeeksie ewwie! It absofuckinlutely boils me seeing pretentious girl, pretending to be pure and clean where in fact she is like a wastebasket of any man, ouchie. I hate girls to claim that she is “virgin” after kissing any random guysss around, what a beautiful blatant lie, isn’t it? rly making me puke here! I’m not impress with those bs girls. I can’t relate and understands those cheapie girls for I haven’t done any crazy stupid things in my life that would hurt my morality. I never drinks, smoke, kissed any man, I never been touched by anyone. My hubby is the first and the last man in my life. I’m soo much fed up seeing people acting to be “oh sooo nice” just to catch attentions and overwhelming praises misleading people to their deadly pit, taking their bs shit here in the net and networking people maliciously using the misfortune of others for their own self-interest and personal gain. Imfsao if you are got flaws and blotches and you’re definitely wasted don’t come clean and wash your hands, so be it and let people accept you for what you are and not for what you’re faking… Well to wrap it up, “I’m  the woman they love-to-hate, but I wont change for anyone.what you see is what you get, take me as I am!”


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